Regular visits to the dentist can greatly improve your dental health thereby preventing further dental complications from developing. However, most people are opposed to visiting the dentist since they are under the impression that the dental sessions may last longer than a single day. However, with improved methods of dental treatment and prevention available today, you can easily get dental treatment in just a single day.

At Same Day Dentist, we offer various orthodontic services in just a single day. Visit our Same Day Dentist California for the best dental treatment in the city.

Surgical extraction

Removing your tooth can be very significant in improving the state of your dental structure. For people with wisdom teeth that are painful or too large, surgical tooth extraction is normally recommended. Surgical tooth extraction involves removing a tooth that is buried within the gum. The orthodontist normally removes a piece of the gum first before dislodging the tooth. You can get fast and easy surgical tooth extraction at Same Day Dentist.

Dental Crowns

If you intend on getting a dental crown, you can visit the same day dentist California. Dental crowns are normally used to protect teeth from further damage or improve the functionality of the tooth. At Same Day Dentist, we offer dental crown services that are placed in just a single day. Visit us today and enjoy fast and efficient dental services.

TMJ treatment

If you have a TMJ disorder that is caused by damage to the jaw, our orthodontists can help provide immediate treatment and pain relief for the problem. The orthodontist will simply induce general anesthesia before checking on the state of the joint. Once checked, the orthodontist will fix the issue and provide pain-relieving medication for any soreness after the procedure. Your jaw will be back to normal after 2 or 3 days of healing.

Visit our same day dentist California today and enjoy the quick and efficient dental treatment!