Same Day Dentist Beverly Hills

Losing teeth is no fun. Having gaps in the mouth is the last thing anyone wants on their face. That is why same day teeth procedures were invented. That way, if you lose a tooth due to accidents or surgical extractions by the dentist, you do not have to go home and spend time waiting for your replacements, while all the time is hiding your mouth in order not to appear funny, or unnatural in front of your friends and the public. Some people may even end up calling you weird for remaining quiet and non-smiling throughout the day.

To help you out of this fix, we have the best same day dentist Beverly Hills has to offer, who will help you get a quick replacement(s) in just a single day. You can walk into our center a complete weirdo who doesn’t show his teeth and walk away from a different kind of weirdo wanting to smile in all the photos.

Difference between our One Day Dentist procedures and the traditional procedures

When you hear of a same day teeth procedure, the concept means that a temporary crown will be attached as soon as your dental implants are inserted. That means that when you visit our dental clinic with missing teeth or a damaged one that needs extraction and replacing, you can get the full package procedure on the same day and walk out of our clinic a smiling man, with a nice appeal of replacement crowns that work just as good as your natural teeth. 

The crowns are mainly for aesthetic purposes giving you an amazing smile during and after your treatment. The crowns are also just like the normal, natural teeth, and your teeth should be back to their functionality in no time. While it will take standard procedures several months to completely restore you to your optimum dental health but with our same day dentist Beverly Hills procedures you are assured of a complete restoration in just a matter of weeks.

Are You a Candidate?

If you are considering to have a same day dentist work on you, your visit to our dental practice will involve an inspection that will prove if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. A screening process will be done to see if you fit. This is because smokers for one, or individuals with autoimmune diseases, hygiene issues, and other such conditions may not be recommended for implants immediately. 

Conditions of teeth grinding, also referred to as bruxism are also not ideal for our treatment as they may affect implant therapy.


Book an appointment with our practice today for a chance to restore your appeal in just a matter of minutes or hours at most. 

Our caring staff will be ready to listen and diagnose your dental health, and once you are recommended for our procedure, you are sure to enjoy the benefits that come with it immediately.

We offer free consultations for the first time patients so do not shy away from us. Your dental health and smile is always our concern.