Cosmetic services offered in same day dentistry

Today, owing to improved dental equipment and procedures, dental cosmetics has become much faster and convenient. You can easily get cosmetic dental services in a single day and enjoy your new set of teeth.

At Same Day Dentist, we offer fast and effective cosmetic dental services that won’t last for more than a single day. For the best and most prompt cosmetic services in the city, you can visit our same day dentist Covina.


Veneers are available in various different types. Depending on your preference and estimated budget, our cosmetic dentist will help you select the best veneers for you. Veneers are normally used to improve the appearance of the teeth and make them more appealing.

Before being placed, the teeth have to be prepared by our same day dentist Covina so that the veneers can stick properly.

What’s more, you can opt to get veneers that do not need any tooth preparation due to their slim and strong nature. Visit us today at Same Day Dentist and enjoy convenient cosmetic dentistry.

Cleft repair

Cleft lips and palates are somewhat common in young children. If your child has a cleft lip or palate, visit us today and get a top-notch cleft repair.

The procedure is usually quite short and does not take more than an hour to complete.

Removable dentures

Do you have a partial or total loss of teeth? If so, you can get fast and convenient removable dentures from our dental clinic at Same Day Dentist.

When you visit us for this cosmetic procedure, our same day dentist Covina will simply do a check of your mouth to check n which teeth are missing.

After that, he may remove any teeth that are obstructing placement of the dentures and provide a removable and instant denture for easier chewing and talking.