Same Day Dentist Whittier

Same day dentist Whittier

Holistic dentists are very committed to treating not just the dental problem affecting the patient but are a concern with the patients’ general body health. Our dentist at same day dentist Whittier is very committed to the principles of holistic dentistry. Most of the dentist have actually adopted holistic dentistry principles. Holistic dentistry is beneficial both to the dentist and more importantly to the patient. It helps the dentist to establish the cause of dental problems and also helps to prevent diseases caused by the materials used during dentistry procedures. The holistic dentistry entails the following practices in our same day dentist Whittier:


Mercury-free filling

We do encourage our patients to have mercury filling removed at our clinic and refilled using the safest fillings. Mercury fillings have very dangerous side effects to the patient. Mercury is one of the heavy metals which has been known to cause health diseases such as cancer. As we strive to prevent cancerous growth, we do remove the previously filled materials containing mercury and refill using composite filling which is known to have no side effects on the patient. Same day dentist Whittier is very concern with your general body wellness and thus use the composite fillings.


Use of biocompatible materials

When you compare the traditional dentistry with the current holistic dentistry, you will find out that the older dentistry did not care to find out the biocompatibility of the dentistry materials with the patients’ body. However, on the same day dentist Whittier, we do carry out compatibility tests before filling or attaching any foreign material the teeth of a patient. Our equipment is set to test material biocompatibility as an initial procedure before carrying out any dental treatment. Our holistic dentists test different composite materials used for fillings, bonding materials, and crowns.


Alternative dental treatment

Some dental treatments were practiced initially, but the holistic dentist has found out that they have adverse health effects to the dental treatment. The main work of a holistic dentist is to ensure that the patients do not have any health complication as a result of dental treatment. Root canals procedure is one of the dental treatment procedures that has been categorized by the holistic dentist as a non-holistic dental procedure. The safer dental treatment alternative to root canals is pulp therapy. Pulp therapy is very safe to the patient, it does not pose any side effect after the dental treatment has been administered. Same day dentist Whittier has a holistic dentist who recognizes the safest dental treatment. It is our main concern to ensure that we provide safe dental procedures to our patients.

Holistic dentistry has been embraced by the most recognized dentistry organization. Most dentists has seen it as a beneficial way of administering their services to the patients. We at “Same Day Dentist” recognize holistic dentistry as one of the most important principles that we abide by. If you have never experienced before what holistic dentistry is, ensure that you visit us at our working days for dental treatment.