Same Day Dentist Burbank

No one likes the idea of losing teeth. Worse still, no one likes to imagine of a life with missing teeth leaving gaping holes in the mouth. We realize that a person’s teeth are a key influence to their self-esteem as the face is the main focus of attention and a perfect dental formula provides the perfect smile just for the occasion.

With our use of the latest technology, we have a same day dentist Burbank procedure that will restore your lost teeth and smile, all in the course of one day. There will neither be need for temporary crowns, which are uncomfortable and rarely fit, nor will you have to spend extra cash scheduling dentist’s appointments in between your treatment.

Why would you need a same day dentist?

There are a number of benefits that come with our same day dentist Burbank procedures.

It is a fact that with our treatment you will never be without teeth and as such, you will remain confident, flashing your amazing smile all through and even after treatment. Since your dental health will be at its optimum, which is what our specialized staff are paid to ensure, your anxiety levels if any are bound to reduce. This is because with your new set of teeth you will not be self-conscious about your appearance in front of your peers.

Book an appointment with us today and you are assured of more happiness and content about yourself, as well as superb confidence in your business and social relations.


The first step in our procedures involves a dental diagnosis by our practitioner to get a few intricate details concerning your dental formula. The dentist will take a 3D scan of your mouth and jaw to get an exact replica of your anatomy.

Following this, a denture is created to give an exact impression of your teeth and this is used as a template to be used in the creating of your replacement tooth/teeth. By use of computer aided designs, our dentist is able to visualize 3D images while creating the replacements and this ensures a quality outcome to give you a near-natural tooth replacement.

The scans of your mouth also show your jaw structure to establish if you have enough bone matter to handle the replacement options as well as the implants to take the place of the roots.  

Implants and Replacements Placements

Following the 3D scans, the dentist will place the dental implants in your jawbone and a prosthesis to support the replacement crowns.

When you leave our dental facility, you have your missing teeth restored and a perfect natural smile to keep you confident on your way. After your healing period, which should take about three months, you should visit our dentist for permanent restorations which may include an implant bridge with porcelain crowns and over-dentures on the implant bar.

Visit our distinguished dental practice in Burbank today and experience your same day dentist Burbank procedure today.