Same Day Dentist Palmdale

Unlike other dental clinics same day dentist Palmdale offers very quick and hence convenient dental treatment. Most people who have dental problems opt for simpler dental treatments to avoid wasting too much time. Dental implants are known to be a longer dental treatment procedure.

Most people are not aware of the most convenient dental clinic that offers dental implants services in just a single day. The dental implants that we offer are just perfect and serve a similar purpose as the other times of teeth replacements. We have the right equipment and the right dentist to complete the operation. Tooth replacement with dental implants takes the following procedures:


Visiting the receptionist is the initial procedure that all our patients undergo at same day dentist Palmdale. It is a part of a patient’s preparation. At the reception, the patient will explain whatever he or she requires. Once directed by the receptionist to the dental implant dentist, the dentist will first inspect the patient’s dental health. For the dental implants to be fitted, the jaw bone should be strong enough. Therefore, the dentist needs to be sure that the jaw bone is in the right condition to hold the implants.

Moreover, we do check the general dental health to find out if there is any oral infection. In case there is an infection, oral treatment will first be administered. Additionally, in case some teeth need to be first extracted before fitting the implants, the dentist will carry an extraction prior to implantation.

Dental implant fitting

Fitting of the implant is not very easy. The jawbone needs to be drilled first before fitting. We at the same day dentist Palmdale have the right equipment used to drill the jawbone very easily. When drilling the jawbone, we first drill through the gums, this can be very painful.

We, therefore, induce unconsciousness using anesthesia during the drilling and implanting process. Once we have fitted the implant, we complete the fitting procedure by placing dental crowns which are permanent. Visit the same day dentist Palmdale today and have your new artificial dental teeth fitted.

Pain relieve medication

It is expected that the patient will feel pain after being conscious. We care for our patients here at same day dentist Palmdale, we do give pain relieve medication to the patients who have undergone such surgical procedures. The medication is meant to reduce or relieve the soreness if it persists. This procedure is done in one day, so you should not be worried about having to make multiple visits.

Additionally, we will give you the right safety precautions to take after the procedure. We ensure that our patients go into full recovery within the shortest time possible. Safety procedures that we recommend include proper cleaning, eating the right food and taking the right fluids that will not interfere with the healing process. Same day dentist Palmdale is near you, and you can make a visit today for you to have your dental implants. It is less costly and less time-consuming.