Same Day Dentist Norwalk

Tooth extraction is one of the dental tooth treatments at same day dentist Norwalk.

There are many other types of dental treatments offered. However, tooth extraction is one of the major treatments done here. Tooth extraction is an alternative to tooth restoration. Actually, many patients prefer the tooth to be extracted rather than to be restored. Tooth extraction is not the only dental treatment to solve dental problems, the dentist can recommend this practice based on his or her own diagnosis. When extracting the tooth, the dentist will first locate the affected tooth and thus determine the type of procedure to use. When extracting. At same day dentist Norwalk, you will have your affect tooth extracted at a single session on the same day. The following are all you need to know about tooth extraction:

What leads to tooth extraction?

In most cases, it is through a dentist recommendation that the tooth should or should not be extracted. The dentist will recommend for tooth extraction for so many reasons. You should note that at same day dentist Norwalk, tooth extraction only takes a day in a single session. If you have a broken tooth and you do not want it to be restored, a dentist will recommend that the tooth be extracted and replaced. The dentist will also recommend tooth extraction whenever the tooth is having decayed and is likely to spread the decay to the other teeth. Normally, tooth decay is very infectious, it spreads from one tooth to another. If the decay cannot be treated, the tooth can be extracted to prevent further decay.

Finally, if you have a small dental space causing some teeth to get misaligned, a tooth or more can be extracted to create more space for the rest of the teeth.

Tooth extraction methods

At same day dentist Norwalk, you will enjoy the freedom of choosing from the varied types of tooth extraction methods. Any of the methods available at same day dentist Norwalk are usually done on the same day. There is the simple tooth extraction method which the dentist extracts the tooth using simple extraction tools.

 This method is suitable when the tooth is visible, the dentist will use forceps to dislodge the tooth easily. On the other hand, if the tooth is not visible, the dentist will opt for the surgical method. This method will involve the cutting out of gum surrounding the tooth.

Safety precaution

After the tooth has been extracted, it may take some time before the area heals completely. This is why you need to visit the same day dentist Norwalk since the dentist will guide on some safety precautions. It is advisable that you take soft food till the wound heals, hard foods can injure the wound and cause discomforts.

Foods which are very hot or very cold should be avoided after the procedure. We also encourage the patients who have undergone this procedure to avoid hard brushing around the area, it might cause bleeding and discomfort.