Same Day Dentist Hawthorne

Are you a busy individual in need of a quick dental procedure to restore you to your optimum teeth functionality and appeal, our same day dentist Hawthorne is perfect for people just like you.

Whether you got into a small accident and lost a tooth, or you have limited time to book many appointments to the dentist for replacement teeth, whatever dental case you have that needs immediate inspection and treatment, you are the best candidate for us.

With our one day Cerec technology procedure, a single visit to our facility is all you need to get your mouth and smile back in shape.

Advantages of same day procedures

The major advantage with working with our same day dentist Hawthorne is that the procedures are time saving.

Normal procedures would have you glued at the dental clinic for an entire day thus having to be on off-day at school or work.

The short duration of time involved means that you get your smile restored immediately. Damaged teeth may really affect you in your daily activities, from getting overly cautious not to smile or talk in public to issues of functionality of the teeth. Your dental health is key to your confidence in public and that is why we work to ensure you are at your best self.

 In just a matter of weeks, no matter how severe your case may have been you are sure to have a permanently restored dental formula that will just be as functional and appealing as the natural teeth.

Viable Candidates

Just like any other procedure out there, the same day dentist Hawthorne approach may not be ideal for everyone. That is why when you visit our center, the first step is an oral diagnosis that will among other things determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. Smokers, for example, may not be recommended to have their implants inserted and crowns placed on the same day. People suffering from teeth grinding-bruxism- , autoimmune diseases as well as hygiene conditions may also not be immediate candidates for our procedure.

Nevertheless, the only way to know if you qualify for our procedure and to actually benefit from it, is to book an appointment with us and get our dentist’s opinion.


We offer free consultation for first time patients so you are free to visit our offices any day.

Our offices are open 24 hours so in case of emergency cases, we have you covered as well. That means you don’t have to get into fixes if for example an accident leads to a lost tooth or two. You will be immediately booked in and get you smile restored by our same day dentist Hawthorne.

We have the latest technology at our facility and you are assured of only quality service from us. Our replacement crowns fit perfectly since we use computer driven simulations among other advanced dental technology to improve our expertise.

Do not let you dental woes hold you down. Visit us today and get a transformation that will leave you smiling to the world again.