Same Day Dentist Lancaster

Same Day Lancaster

Are gaps in your mouth due to missing teeth bringing you down?

Worry no more. Same day dentist Lancaster treatment is our gift to you. Regardless of the nature of your case and how many teeth you need replaced, you can enjoy the benefits of an amazing smile following our one-day procedures.


The procedures involved in our same day dentist Lancaster treatments occur in three stages. From examination and extraction of affected teeth, to placement of dental implants to provide root support, and finally the application of the replacement crowns on the implants to fully restore your dental formula and smile.

Oral Examination

The first step is an oral examination where our dentist will take 3D scans of your mouth to come up with perfect impressions of your mouth.  The images provide necessary information in the creation of your replacement teeth. 

The scans will also show the nature of your sinuses as well as the bone structure. Using molds of your teeth, the dentist will come up with the specifications of the replacement crowns so that the result will look just like the former natural teeth. With the high quality of dentistry we practice at our center you are assured of replacements that will be as good in appearance and functionality as natural teeth.


The data collected from the scans of your mouth is then sent to the dental lab. By use of computer-aided design, CAD, our dentists are able to create a roadmap that will lead to your successful procedure. 

The dentist uses computer simulation to get the exact positioning of the implants in the jawbone as per the number of teeth that need replacing. For full jaw teeth replacements, we use the all on 4 design where four implants are placed strategically on different positions on the jaw to provide enough support for a full set of teeth. Since the operation is intense, our dentist places you under general anesthesia meaning you’ll be unconscious during procedure.

Replacement Set

After the dental implants have been placed, the dentist will attach temporary crowns on the implants to fill the gaps left by the extracted teeth. The temporary implants are designed to appear like the rest of your teeth to give you the desired natural look. The temporary crowns help maintain your dental structure as well as support the healing of the gums covering the implants. After the session you leave our center with a full set of teeth to give you that desired look and enable you to resume your normal activities.


Following the procedure our dentist will give you a few guidelines on the care you’ll give your new set of replacements to help in the healing process. You’ll get a couple of pain meds to relieve you of pain. You are sure to experience soreness after the operation but it will be over after a few days. You are also advised to keep in touch with your dentist to monitor your progress as well as to know when your permanent crowns will be available.