San Diego Dental emergencies

Same Day Dentist San Diego

Dental emergencies are at times unavoidable. Be it through accidents or from oral diseases, people often find themselves in need of dental implants or other kinds of oral repairs. We at Same Day Dentist San Diego understand this all too well and have structured our dental emergency services such that they cater to all manner of urgent oral issues.

A majority of same-day dentist clinics offer emergency dental care services and have the required expertise to alleviate your issue effectively, quickly, and most importantly, safely. There is an extensively wide variety of dental emergencies that you should always look out for given that they require immediate medical attention.

These include:

Dental Emergencies: Persistent Toothache

One of the most common reasons for visiting a same day dentist San Diego would be periapical periodontitis or a persistent toothache. Normally such toothaches tend to be intensely painful and happen spontaneously. You might find that the feeling of pain is confined to a single region and gets more intense once you bit anything hot or cold. Also, in severe cases, you might find that the gum area the surrounds the affected tooth/teeth has swollen up and is also quite painful. Ultimately, abscess ends up forming which automatically causes your face to swell as well. However, it is advisable to visit a same day dentist clinic early enough to avoid the onset of such complications, failure to which, more problematic side effects might arise such as obstructed airways due to the swelling.

Oral Trauma

Another issue that would make you visit same day dentist San Diego is bleeding in the gums or exposure to trauma. Usually, whenever teeth/a tooth falls out, the socket to which it was previously attached might bleed profusely. It might seem normal but this bleeding could lead to huge clots that eventually dislodge. In such scenarios, the patients end up bleeding even more while chewing on any hard material.

As is the case with any other medical emergency, severe bleeding is dangerous. Visiting the same day dental San Diego facility would go a long way in preventing such complications since our trained dentists are able to efficiently apply pressure on the bleeding gum and use other sterilized tools to control the bleeding. In severe cases, same day dentist practitioners might end up utilizing homeostatic agents to control the bleeding. As a last resort, suturing might also be used.

Teeth Fractures

Fractures of the teeth might also be a valid reason for you to visit us at our Same Day Dentist San Diego facility. However, the severity of the fracture might determine whether or not it is necessary to visit an emergency dental facility.

The most sever kind are those that reach the tooth’s innermost layer, and especially fractures to permanent teeth.

In such cases, emergency treatment is a must since infection of the pulp needs to be stopped immediately. To avoid any complications, dentists normally use dentine paddings to cover the affected area, thus, preventing any exposure that might cause pulpal infection.

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