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San Francisco

Same Day Dentist San Francisco

San Francisco is home to the infamous Alcatraz Island, the glorious Golden Gate Park, the Fisherman’s Wharf, and arguably one of the most iconic monuments in American history, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Also, this hill city is home to Same Day Dentist San Francisco where we offer several emergency dental health services at pocket-friendly rates. As one of the leading same-day dentist facilities in the area, we offer top quality oral health procedures that are guaranteed to get rid of all your dental complications in one day.

With us, you get your smile back in no more than 24 hours!

Below is a detailed breakdown of our services.

Dental Emergencies

As a same day dentist facility, our primary goal is to ensure that we tend to all our patients as emergency cases. We understand that one the main reasons why our patients choose this facility is due to the swift kind of response we accord to all their cases. In essence, we evaluate all damages to your oral structure or threat to your health as soon as is humanly possible in order to minimize the risk of permanency.

Same Day Dentist San Francisco offers emergency dental care such that you can be rest assured that all you dental needs will be catered to promptly and at whatever time of the day or night. This is because we understand the excruciating nature of dental emergencies and have dedicated our facility to helping you get rid of this pain in the shortest time possible.

Emergency Dental services

However, it is important to note that not all dental services are considered to be an emergency; some are given preference over others due to their severity. These are the kind of services that Same Day Dentist San Francisco centers specialize in. Among those considered to be an urgent emergency is denture relines ad repairs. Basically, this is replacement of removable frames used to hold artificial teeth in place.

Broken fillings are also replaced or filled, as well as broken bonding. Persistent pain within the gums or teeth is also considered to be a dental emergency, in addition to unexplained swellings. Other emergency services offered at Same Day Dentist San Francisco include the extraction of wisdom teeth, root canals, replacement of broken teeth, repairing lose crowns, abscesses, avulsed teeth and repair of chipped teeth. On the whole, our dental practitioners are skilled evough to make all the relevant emergency restorations and repairs.

Denture Repair

To a great extent, this is the most popular same day dentist service offered within the city of San Francisco. Understandably, individuals with denture often find themselves having damaged them unknowingly. This could either happen by chewing hard substances such as meat bones. In other cases, accidental damage could happen during any kind of vigorous activity such as sports. We offer a wide array of dentures to ensure that we cater to all your repair needs including full, removable and fixed dentures. You can be rest assured that our dentures offer the best functional and cosmetic results.

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