Reasons why you may have need of a tooth extraction

child dentist treat boy teeth under sedation with dental curing ultraviolet light equipment

Tooth extraction is a very common dental procedure. In most cases, tooth extraction can be performed as a form of preventative treatment. For tooth extraction services, it is always best to inquire for a same day dentist tooth extraction near me in order to get fast and immediate dental services. Visit our dental clinic today at Same day dentist and enjoy the quality dental treatment.

Why are teeth extracted?

Teeth can be removed for many reasons including toothaches. Depending on the cause of your tooth problem, our Same day dentist will help you select the best form of tooth extraction for you. One of the most ordinary reasons for tooth extraction is tooth decay.

Tooth decay

If your teeth are extremely decayed, tooth extraction may be the ideal solution. For that, you can consult us for Same day dentist tooth extraction near me. Although there are other ways of treating extensive tooth decay like root canal therapy, tooth extraction offers a permanent solution to the problem. Once the tooth is detached, you won’t have to worry about the decay spreading to other teeth. Visit our dental clinic today at Same day dentist dental clinic and get the best tooth removal services.


Toothaches can either be caused by an infection or tooth positioning. For tooth positioning, it mostly affects the molars due to their large size. If the tooth begins to ache, it is best to remove it in order to allow for ample space for the other teeth.

Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are usually at the back of the dental structure and tend to grow halfway upwards. This makes them inefficient in chewing and could cause teeth crowding. We usually recommend surgically removing the tooth to ensure proper treatment of the issue.

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