Oral cancer screening in a single day

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Monitoring dental health is very important in ensuring that you do not get dental complications later on. One of the most complex dental complications is oral cancer. Most people with oral cancer may not be aware that they have this condition thus making them prone to increased cancerous conditions.

At Same Day Dentist, we offer oral cancer screening for both adults and children. You can rely on our same day dentist San Francisco for fast and effective oral cancer screening. Although oral cancer screening doesn’t actually stop cancer from developing, it helps you know whether or not you have traces of the condition and better ways of preventing it.


During the screening, our same day dentist San Francisco will use simple checking methods to look for any lumps or growths. If detected, the dentist will determine whether or not the lumps are caused by cancerous cells using special equipment. Once we discover any active oral cancer cells, we usually begin oral treatment immediately in order to eliminate the threat as early as possible. Cancerous cells are best treated once detected since they grow stronger once they are left untreated. Visit our clinic at Same Day Dentist and enjoy fast and easy oral cancer screening.

Benefits of oral cancer screening

Apart from getting immediate oral cancer treatment at our Same Day Dentist dental clinic, oral cancer screening will also help you discover signs of oral cancer that you can check on by yourself. Our same day dentist San Francisco will provide guidelines on how to check for lumps on your cheeks and inner mouth tissues. Likewise, the dentist will help you engage in habits that reduce the risk of oral cancer hence improving your dental health. Visit us today and enjoy top-notch dental cancer screening.

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