Dental services you can get from the same day dentist

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Same day dentistry is a very convenient form of dental treatment since it does not use up the customer’s time. Some dental procedures take more than 6 months before they can fully heal. Others, however, take about three days before the teeth can become fully operational. Generally, most dental procedures take more than a single day to complete fully. This means that getting the same day dentist, San Diego can improve your dental experience and solve your dental issue in just a single day. At Same Day Dentist, you can get fast and efficient dental treatment that suits your dental needs.

Common services on same day dentistry

A large number of dental services can be done and completed in a single day. Today, you can even get dental implants in just one day when previously it would take more than six months to heal fully. Depending on your dental issue, the same day dentist Dan Diego will inform you whether same day services will be possible or if you will have to take another dental session. Below are some of the common dental services you can get at Same Day Dentist.

Gum treatment

Gum disease is a prevalent dental condition among most people. Gum infections usually cause a collection of pus and abscess in certain regions of the gum causing pain and discomfort. Most of the time, gum infections are caused by poor oral hygiene. Not brushing regularly leads to growth and spread of bacteria between teeth and in other pockets inside the mouth. This bacteria then gain access into the gum and becomes an infection. The same day periodontic dentist can provide gum treatment services for people with infected gums. This procedure usually involves the use of ozone dentistry where gaseous ozone is passed through the affected area and removes all bacteria. The same day dentist San Diego can also apply dental surgery where he will remove the infected area from the healthy gum.

Teeth cleaning and whitening

Teeth cleaning refers to removing stain layers from the enamel of the tooth. This does not involve using any bleaching products meaning your teeth and gums will be perfectly safe from harm. Teeth cleaning is recommended for people with slightly stained teeth. If the stains are too extensive, the same day dentist San Diego will opt for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is aimed at restoring teeth to their natural shade and color. In teeth whitening, the dentist uses a bleaching solution which is applied to the teeth. The solution is then hit by a strong light to start the whitening process.

Cleft repair

A cleft lip or cleft palate is a natural born deficiency that affects the appearance of your lip or palate at the roof of the mouth. Cleft repair is usually done to reconstruct the lip and make the individual look better. Oral surgeons are the best candidates for this procedure. Cleft repair can be done individually or as part of cosmetic dentistry. Visit Same Day Dentist today and get the best out of same day dentistry.

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